To the novice real estate investor, making that first move into the real estate may seem intimidating and such an arduous ordeal. Of course this could hold some truth, but significant things come to those who wait. Real estate needs patience, deliberation, strategy and the trusty old hunch. Real estate buying goes full cycle after the identification of the suitable investment, it is financing and purchase and eventual market placement. There are some basic pointers that should lead you to successfully owning that first home of your dreams. Here are the top three tips on buying real estate! Know what you need, know what you want.

Checked compare your options, then prioritize to help you decide on what moves will best serve your long term goals. Smart investments may not necessarily be what is best for you now, but what your investment will bring in a feasible future, and at what cost. All these may seem strenuous for the first time home owner , but it actually boils down to laying your cards on the table and getting what you want in the long run.

If buying a home, consider the size of your family (or if planning to start one) will it be the main home or holiday home, etc. If purchasing the house on mortgage, check with a professional how much you qualify to avoid running into unplanned debts or even losing your home. It is also advantageous to go for the specifications of your preference. Look for proximity to vital social amenities and consider ease of access to those facilities. Most people settle on first home options just because they think nothing better would come after that, and they could be just one house to their ultimate dream homes, without a dollar morel

Get the best financing options. There are different real estate investments financing options that are available to the first time investor. Choosing the best option that best serves your financial needs could be the determinant in the success of your real estate endeavors. There are no clear-cut ‘best’ options or otherwise because they all serve different needs and are subjective to the person seeking each. It is always fresh, although not necessary, to engage the services of professional who can advice best depending on how your financial books look

Add value. Finally, you have the house and the hassle of the haggle is over. What next? A smart tip on buying real estate is to always work on adding value. In fact, this should not be a tip on buying real estate but a tip to every self-respecting real estate owner: add value and never forget to keep the records as this will come in handy some day. Keep maintaining it and ignore the usually attractive market offers, with a little more time you will realize they were not exceptional offers after all. One thing is for sure- a real estate investment will always rake in enormous, all you need is a little patience and some value